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Enabling Children & Young People to be Wise to their Value, and to be Valued in a Mosaic World

All Hands In


“You appear to have a very open opinion which can be changed if needed. I think this is good as people are more able to see all sides of a discussion. The discussions were good and I felt that the way you could include questions from us was interesting. Today when you brought up food in regards to culture and diversity, I realised the link that I hadn’t thought of before, food is often the first thing accepted from a new culture and is a good indicator.”

Janice Newman, Professor at DePaul University

“I had the unique and distinct pleasure of welcoming Susan as a guest speaker to my class at DePaul last night. Susan graciously accepted my invitation to travel from the UK to Chicago. She quickly demonstrated her in-depth knowledge of the Millennial generation (which applies to all my students in this particular class) and her keen grasp on events at the local, national and global levels. Her presentation on values and beliefs aligned with the values and mission of DePaul University and resonated with the students that were listening to and interacting with her. She made an impression, she captured the students’ interests and most were practically laser-locked on her words. I could almost see the “wheels turning” in their heads as they considered and critically thought through what she was discussing. This was particularly relevant discussion, as most students are graduating shortly and are focused on building their careers. Thank you, Susan!”

Care Experience Programme Participant

“I gained Motivation from listening to all the inspirational speakers that spoke within the programme as each and every one of those speakers gave me hope that I could do and become whatever I chose.

I gained more Confidence from being in such a supportive group, it made my personality come out more and now I feel like I can talk and converse with anyone.

I gained knowledge. Each programme that I went to made me leave knowing something new and that’s what I loved! There were activities such as budget sheets, we learnt to budget and save our money in the future. Learning how to defeat obstacles in our lives from the P Programme made my life so much easier because I was able to tackle all of my obstacles in my life in order to lift all the weight of my shoulders and I couldn’t have done if I didn’t attend PP.”

Mrs Sydney,

The Highfield School

“Susan was a brilliant asset to students here at Highfield School. Susan visited 13 students at Highfield School at the beginning of their Young Enterprise project, at this junction these students had no clear direction of what they wanted to develop neither did they have a strategic plan. Susan asked series of questions that allowed student to consider possible options for their project; she was able to facilitate their ideas without being intrusive. She also made herself available should they have wanted further help. In the end these students went on to win three awards, based on Problem solving within a team, Best Company Reports as well as Best Company representing North Hertfordshire.”


“I like the fact that you’re willing to listen to people and take on board people’s ideas and opinions. Discussions with you are great as you are able to give a different insight and perspective on important issues in society. You are able to make people feel comfortable enough to ask questions and share experiences.”

Tom Bulman, General Manager, Worktree

“Susan has been an enthusiastic supporter of our mission to help young people into work. She has participated as ‘business ambassador’ in a range of work-related learning and enterprise education sessions. Last year Susan spoke inspirationally to an audience of nearly 100 teenagers, teachers, parents and employers, about the importance of the learning journey to work. Susan was well prepared, spoke personably and projected well. “She spoke to everyone in the room,” said one observer. I would strongly recommend involving Susan in similar activities in the future.”

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