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Enabling Children & Young People to be Wise to their Value, and to be Valued in a Mosaic World

Toddlers in Slide

Mosaic Wise is dedicated to promoting the inherent value of children and young people 

in the context of their unique circumstances, such as care experience, as they navigating an

ever changing and complex world.



Empowering students by 

helping them understand their values, worth, and societal position.  Enabling them to develop to their utmost potential in diverse environments and contexts throughout life.




Supporting young people in the workplace by fostering their self-awareness and providing guidance, enabling them to recognise their value and navigate  professional spaces with confidence and effectiveness.


Kids Running

Emphasising the value of young people who are Care Experienced or estranged from family. Mosaic Wise provides support to empower them in broader society, helping them unlock their potential and live meaningful, fulfilling lives.


Child Counselor

Mosaic Wise has a strong focus on Care Experience.


In addition to programmes and initiatives to support children and young people who are Care Experienced better understand who they are, what they want and to take steps to achieve what they want, Mosaic Wise hosts the Village. A Hub which includes resources, interviews, and the conversations that we run to enable people to better understand and mobilise the village to support children and young people who are Care Experienced.

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