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Enabling Children & Young People to be Wise to their Value, and to be Valued in a Mosaic World



Care Experienced refers to individuals who have been under state care in various forms - foster care, kinship care, residential care homes, or under the supervision of social services. The realities of being care-experienced can be multifaceted and will vary from one person to the next - even amongst siblings. While there are those that may have positive experience, other will have positive periods, but also with significant challenges, such as difficulties accessing educational, other opportunities, with various levels of support.


Mosaic Wise recognises the distinctive needs of care-experienced individuals. Our mission is to ensure that every care experienced young person is acknowledged, supported, and provided with the opportunities they both need and deserve to flourish.

The Care Experience Village is a Hub that includes resources, interviews, and the conversations that we run to enable people to better understand and mobilise the village to support children and young people who are Care Experienced.

A dedicated space where you'll find engaging and informative resources that will provide you insights and deepen your understanding of care experience.

Watch, Read, Listen and Learn, and be part of the journey to provide the best possible care experience.

Conversation between Colleagues

Explore the initiatives and programmes run by Mosaic Wise to preventing children and young people who have been in care, support children in care and care leavers, creating an all around better experience.


Explore the initiatives and programmes of a diversity of organisation aimed at supporting young people in care, care leavers and those that work to support them in various dimensions.


Discover our Editorial Insights: Navigating foster care, care experience, and youth support. Expert perspectives on articles, videos, and news for a deeper understanding and meaningful discussions.

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