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Enabling Children & Young People to be Wise to their Value,and to be Valued in a Mosaic World


Below is an overview of our key programmes & activities. 

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Young Businesspeople


Foundational to our work is conversation. We, therefore, run Conversations for Care Leavers in conjunction with Milton Keynes College, providing a safe space for open discussions on subjects of participants choosing.

Romantic Gift


Run through a combination of group events and 1:1 support,the Mosaic Wise Care Leavers Programme works with young people leaving care, enabling them to better understand who they are, what they want and to take steps towards achieving it.

Zoom Meeting


Resolve, our new employment programme takes a supportive approach to enable young people to develop an understanding of their individual value, purpose, and interest, and demonstration this within organisation setting through the resolution of organisational problems and challenges.

Row of Colored Pencils


Mosaic Wise Workshops are run within education settings to encourage young people to explore communities from the perspectives of both differences and the things we have in common.

The Mosaic Model specifically enables the exploration of diversity as something of beauty like a piece of artwork, bound together by values and other commonalities like glue.

This enables students to develop their self-knowledge, awareness, social esteem, and confidence. They all develop a better knowledge and awareness of society, values, and their part within it.

Reading To Your Dog


A diversity of Talks, Tools & Activities to enable Students in Secondary School, College, and Univerity to develop an awareness of who they are, and what they have to offer to their Local Communities, Country and Global Societies, enabling them to navigate and interact in a confident and fulfilling manner.

Happy Family


We currently developing a Parenting Support programme to enable parents to more effectively engage their teenagers, in order to minimise any risk of young people ending up homeless or in care.

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