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A Canvas for a Supportive Care Experience Community

During my enriching internship journey, I had the incredible opportunity to contribute to a meaningful project under the expert guidance of Susan Popoola.

The result of our collaboration is the heartwarming website, Mosaic Wise.

This platform is dedicated to shedding light on the often overlooked stories of care experience individuals in the UK. Care experience refers to the lives of young people who, for various reasons, have been placed under the care of local authorities.

The journey from care experience to becoming a care leaver is a transformative one, marked by a remarkable display of resilience and growth. From entering the care system, which could involve foster homes, residential care, or kinship care, to ultimately transitioning into the status of a care leaver as they approach adulthood, every step in this journey is a testament to strength in the face of challenges.

Mosaic Wise is more than a website; it's a canvas for these stories to be painted, a platform to share experiences, and a resource hub for empowerment and understanding. Through this project, we aim to amplify the voices of care experience individuals, foster empathy, and provide valuable information to create a supportive community for those who are navigating this unique path.

Hersh Kenkre

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