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Insightful Books

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Conversations that Make a Difference for Children and Young People

Join Lisa Cherry in this unique book as she empowers professionals in education, social work, and healthcare to engage in impactful conversations with children and young people. Explore themes of attachment, adversity, and trauma, emphasizing empathy and compassion to inspire positive social change, one interaction at a time. A must-read for those committed to the well-being of the youth amidst today's challenges.

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Oi, You F*cker by Snowball

It took David three months to write the 'emotionally draining' book which is currently being screen-played for adaption to the screen. Heartbreakingly he named it 'Oi' because it was a call he heard so often as a child he started life thinking it was his name.

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The Brightness of Stars: Stories from Care Experienced Adults to Inspire Change.

Lisa Cherry compiles a collection of heartfelt reflections on the UK care system, advocating for a trauma-informed approach. These candid stories explore themes of love, pain, and hope, providing valuable insights for policymakers, social workers, educators, and care-experienced adults.

The State of It

Chris Wild is an author, care home consultant, government advisor, national youth advisor for young people and a charity patron for twenty charities. He is a passionate advocate and campaigner, appearing on the BBC and Newsnight. His first book, Damaged, told the story of his life and those of the other young children in care he met along the way.

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