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Leaving Care

The Care Experience: Leaving Care

See below for a brief description of our contributors:

1. Carrie Wilson-Harrop combines her lived experience and professional knowledge to advocate for young people in care and care leavers. With a Masters in Childhood Youth and Social Policy from Loughborough University and currently pursuing a Doctorate on the financial barriers for Care Leavers, Carrie brings over a decade of direct work experience and 20 years of personal insight into the care system. As an active member of various charity boards, she's adept in strategic planning, project management, research, and bid writing, specifically focusing on child and youth participation and trauma recovery. She holds a degree in International Relations from the University of Leicester, further enhancing her skillset.

2. David Lee Jackson born into an impoverished family in 1964 and placed into care at an early age, has transformed his adversities into a powerful drive for self-improvement and social justice. Self-educated with an Honours Degree in Psychology and a Master’s in International Business, David has held public office, contributed to various charity boards, and campaigned actively for equality. With experience in the criminal justice system, he is a respected Planning Engineer in the Defence and Nuclear Energy sector. A dedicated mentor, David ensures individuals have the resources to realize their potential, particularly advocating for the care experienced. A recognized public speaker on care experience matters, David authored the highly acclaimed book 'Oi', a testament to his inspiring journey, which can be found on amazon at

3. Ed Nixon initiated his career as a social worker, progressing over 26 years to become the Service Manager for children in care at a local authority. He later served as CEO of a company offering integrated residential care, education, and fostering services. Post-retirement, Ed leveraged his expertise as a social work consultant and Deputy CEO of the Independent Children’s Association. Since 2013, he has chaired the 'Every Child Leaving Care Matters' campaign, also serving on the advisory board of Career Matters and the board of Pure Insight, a Care Leavers Support charity. Additionally, he associates with the National Centre for Excellence in Residential Child Care, promoting high-quality care standards.

4. Lucy Johnson is a seasoned social worker with over 30 years' experience in child, youth, and family sectors. Starting her career as a residential social worker, she trained as an advocate and now manages services ranging from mental health advocacy to family support. She has been a dedicated part of Barnardo’s for 27 years, overseeing diverse services and focusing on early intervention, advocacy, and participation for children and young people in or leaving care. Her enduring passion for improving the lives of these individuals drives her ongoing collaboration with organizations and individuals aiming to raise awareness and improve conditions for children and young people facing challenges.

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