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The Impact of Going Into Care

The Care Experience The Impact of Going Into Care

See below for a brief description of our contributors:

1. Dianna Cook combines her extensive experience in education management with a deep commitment to foster care. Since 1989, she has held various roles within the Milton Keynes College Group, notably as the Head of Apprenticeship Management for the past eight years. Parallel to her professional career, she's dedicated to her role as a long-term foster carer, fostering numerous children in both short and long-term placements, always striving to maintain positive, enduring familial relationships.

2. Isabelle Kirkham, a graduate of the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, uses her passion for creativity and change to challenge narratives surrounding care-experienced individuals. Having spent much of her life in the care system, she actively confronts associated stigmas through platforms like Twitter, blogs, and books. She is involved in projects such as 'Reclaim Care', a collective focusing on shared healing and understanding, and 'Us to You', a spoken word response to labels placed on care-experienced individuals. Isabelle is committed to improving life for all those with similar experiences.

3. Jerome Harvey-Agyei is a dynamic individual who, despite growing up in the care system, channels his experiences into empowering the disengaged. His work, rooted in 'creative empowerment', focuses on harnessing creativity to drive personal growth. Jerome co-founded 'The Tope Project' and Tope Today and serves as a Senior Children & Youth Participation Officer at the Greater London Authority. Also a radio host and One Young World Ambassador, his impactful work has been recognized by BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and even led to nominations for awards such as the Waltham Forest council leaders' awards.

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